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The team at Cannabis Consultants has been advising governments and working with cannabis entrepreneurs for decades. With a broad range of expertise at every level of cannabis implementation, we have helped both governments and organizations find a successful footprint in the emerging U.S. cannabis marketplace.

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We collectively have over 50 years of experience in the Cannabis space. We have worked with local, state, and federal legislators to succesfuly pass multiple pieces of legislation. We have developed systems for almost every arena in the cannabis industry. We understand how to run cannabis business because we actually do.

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We have been deeply involved and invested in the development of cannabis policy since the mid 1990's. We have helped develop multiple pieces of legislation at the city, state, and federal level.


 If you are in business, we have the expertise that can help you achieve your businesses next goal. We started some of the first Cannabis businesses in Washington state. Less than 2% of Cannabis business owners had the savvy, the connections, and the grit to last as long as we have. We can show you how. 


We maintain an international network of contacts that allow us an unparralled global perspective on the Cannabis industry. If you are considering investing in the Cannabis space, we will save you valuable time and resources isolating the best opportunity for you in any market.

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John Davis has worked on drug policy reform for over 25 years.  He is a founding member, three term Board member and three term Vice-Chair of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) the largest cannabis industry association in the United States.  He is a founding member, Chairman and Executive Director of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics (CCSE) which became Washington State’s largest industry group.  In 2013 the CCSE merged with 4 other industry groups to form what is now Washington State’s largest industry group, The Cannabis Alliance (TCA).  John is a founder and is a three-term board member of the TCA.  John was a Board member of Hemp Initiative Projects of Washington State starting in 1993 where he helped to author early cannabis legalization initiatives and run the campaigns.  He also served as the Treasurer for the 501(c)4 organization.

John Davis


After I broke my neck snowboarding in my early 20's I subsequently became addicted to opiates. During my recovery I decided to create The CPC. The CPC was the very first fully licensed, and fully tax paying medical dispensaries in Washington in 2008. The CPC was an award winning organization that generated over 10 million dollars in revenue over its tenure while creating community through outreach and educational programs. I am also a founding member of Washington's largest and longest standing cannabis trade organization, The Cannabis Alliance. Through this work I have lobbied at the state and federal levels, helped create and pass multiple pieces of legislation. I believe all life should be cherished and respected.

Jeremy Kaufman


Jesse Zesbaugh is a founder of the leading M&A website  Heading up the client relations, and analytics team has given him nearly a decade of insight into the cannabis marketplace in both established, and emerging markets.

Jesse Zesbaugh



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